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Thursday 15 November 2012

Quickpost: Spiders and CCTV

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Spiders can be anoying when you own a CCTV system. Here is a picture of a spiderweb in front of one of my cameras with integrated IR LED illuminator:

You can see that the reflection of IR light on the spiderweb is so strong that the glare hides all details behind the spiderweb.

So when you install an outdoor CCTV camera, think about spiders. Try to position the camera in a place where there are no spiders.

When you google for “CCTV spider repellent”, you will find chemical products that should repel spiders from CCTV cameras. But I’ve not had the opportunity to test out such products, they don’t ship outside their country of sale.

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  1. LOL 😀

    Comment by olivier — Thursday 15 November 2012 @ 18:07

  2. Try using WD-40. I heard it works well in preventing wasps from building nest so it might prevent spiders from building webs. Just make sure there are no pets or small children that might get to the area where you spray it, but I assume that the camera is mounted well off the ground if you are getting spider webs.

    Comment by DF — Thursday 15 November 2012 @ 18:18

  3. Haven’t tried wd40, but lemon pledge works well.

    Comment by Anonymous — Friday 16 November 2012 @ 5:36

  4. LOL, we’ve had this issue as well, and besides a regular dust-off…

    I used an old trick from the army, and that’s petroleum jelly around the edges.
    Stays on quite long, not hazardous and spiders really do not like sticky/wet surfaces. Don’t apply too much, a thin layer will do for over a month depending on climate of course.

    Comment by Ad — Friday 7 December 2012 @ 12:58

  5. We’re using silicone grease as well as spider X repellant

    Comment by Anonymous — Wednesday 16 January 2013 @ 12:43

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