Didier Stevens

Tuesday 19 June 2012

_nomap, _nomap, _nomap, …

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About three years ago I released a Python program to send out WiFi beacon frames with an AirPCap adapter. During my last holiday, I took some time to add a new feature to apc-b.py: option nomap.

When you start apc-b.py with option nomap, it first listens for 60 seconds and records all ESSIDs in finds in beacon frames. Then it starts to broadcast beacon frames for these ESSIDs, but with string _nomap appended to each ESSID.

apc-b_v0_2_0.zip (https)
MD5: 849DE418A1F325B9DC133DBE2E7CC501
SHA256: C3F28DCEFE6FF747780E384E49BB4D373BC983518C592E1BB18E8455F78E7F95

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