Didier Stevens

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Quickpost: Need a PoC to Test Your Security Setup? Not Necessarily…

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People regularly ask me for a PoC (PDF or other type) to test their security setup. For example, they sandboxed Adobe Reader and now they want to test that Adobe Reader can’t write to sensitive Windows directories like system32.

Well, you don’t need a PoC to test your setup in this way. Just develop and compile a DLL that writes to system32, and inject it in the target process.

The problem however, is that not everybody has the skills to develop and compile such a DLL. But almost everybody can write a VBScript that accomplishes the same. Here’s a one-liner that creates test.txt in system32:


But how do you get the target process to execute this script? That is something I worked out 2 years ago: bpmtk: Injecting VBScript. In a nutshell: I developed a DLL that once injected into a process, instantiates a VBScript engine and executes the provided script.

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