Didier Stevens

Wednesday 6 April 2011


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When Phidget came out with this new IR temperature sensor, a lightbulb went off. This sensor measures temperature without contact. Point it to the chair in front of your computer, and it will measure your body temperature. Or the temperature of your chair, if you’re not sitting in front of your computer.

And that’s the idea: I wrote a program that locks your Windows workstation when you leave your chair (e.g. when the temperature drops).

In this screenshot, LockIfNotHot is configured to lock the workstation when the temperature drops below 25°C during 3 seconds and there is no user input during 2 seconds.

Once the workstation is locked, you need to provide your Windows account password to unlock it.


LockIfNotHot_V0_0_1.zip (https)

MD5: 188BE76E0A5BCCA26A8736F8F0C4061C

SHA256: CA915265D3B224DF3AA95E5C59B7C0E7EDF239DF50FC1C03F2C991A8B1800AD2

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