Didier Stevens

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Update: TaskManager.xls Version 0.0.3

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My TaskManager.xls spreadsheet is very popular, so here’s a new version.

I’ve added a couple of columns with info I need (the Filename, the process Creation time and a 32/64 bit indicator).

And this new version also enables the debug privilege to display info for processes of other users. Of course, you need the debug privilege in first place for this to work. So you have to be a local admin, and if you use an OS with UAC, you have to elevate the Excel application (run as administrator).

TaskManager.xls works on 64-bit Windows, provided you use 32-bit Excel. It doesn’t work on 64-bit Excel yet, I’ll release a new version that does later.


TaskManager_V0_0_3.zip (https)

MD5: BF40B4317C7E04E1F65B8CEE55ED3A7A

SHA256: 0D48C2E6986F1DD8FA3A0671A1A53F0FC489923701963031FDC4FA516603EEC1

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