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Tuesday 16 February 2010

MemoryLoadLibrary: From C Program to Shellcode

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The DLL-loading shellcode I used in my cmd.xls spreadsheet was generated with a method I worked out to generate WIN32 shellcode with a C-compiler. You can find it on my new Shellcode page.

With this release, I provide you with all the tools you need to build your own version of cmd.xls:


  1. […] of the graphics. I took Solitaire from ReactOS, turned it into a DLL and embedded it with my memory loading shellcode into Excel macros (the same technique as I developed for cmd.dll and regedit.dll). I imagine that a […]

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  2. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing this.
    i have qustion, how can i replace the dll in ShellCodeMemoryModule.exe.bin with cmd.dll?

    Comment by Anonymous — Tuesday 20 April 2010 @ 15:47

  3. @Anonymous You’ll notice that the DLL is just appended to the shellcode (when you open the file with a hex editor). Just replace the bytes of the DLL with your own DLL.

    Comment by Didier Stevens — Monday 26 April 2010 @ 9:17

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