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Wednesday 9 September 2009

QuickPost: Arduino + Alcohol Gas Sensor + WiShield + LCD

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This is a little project I’m working on for Brucon:


This is an Arduino with a WiFi adapter (WiShield), an LCD and a gas sensor (senses gases like ethanol).

What it does: the Arduino reads the sensor (uncalibrated for the moment), displays its value on line 1 of the LCD and also servers it on a web page (with an embedded webserver connecting to the WiFi network via the WiShield).
If the sensor read-out is 900 or more, a LED is turned on.
And I can send a message via the webserver to line 2 of the LCD.

The problem I had to solve: the LCD didn’t work when the WiShield was operating.

The cause: the WiShield library and the LCD library use some common pins.

Solution: change the pin assignment in the LCD library code (LCD4Bit.cpp):

// --------- PINS -------------------------------------
//is the RW pin of the LCD under our control?  If we're only ever going to write to the LCD, we can use one less microcontroller pin, and just tie the LCD pin to the necessary signal, high or low.
//this stops us sending signals to the RW pin if it isn't being used.
int USING_RW = false;

//RS, RW and Enable can be set to whatever you like
int RS = 1;
int RW = 11;
int Enable = 0;
//DB should be an unseparated group of pins  - because of lazy coding in pushNibble()
int DB[] = {3, 4, 5, 6};  //wire these to DB4~7 on LCD.


And don’t forget to delete LCD4Bit.o before recompiling the code. The Arduino IDE doesn’t check dependencies of libraries when compiling.

And yes, once calibrated, you should be able to use this alcohol gas sensor to prevent drunk e-mailing 😉 But you’ll need to add a sensor to verify you’re actually blowing into the alcohol gas sensor. For example a gas pressure sensor.

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