Didier Stevens

Thursday 27 August 2009

The Brucon WiFi Puzzle Solution

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Here’s one way to solve the Brucon WiFi Puzzle: open the capture file with Wireshark.

The capture file contains one beacon frame for the brucon09wifi network. If you’re a bit familiar with beacon frames, one tag will stand out: the vendor specific tag which Wireshark can’t interpret because it’s from a vendor it doesn’t know.


The hidden data is inside the vendor specific tag. Select it and export the selected bytes:


How do you decode this data? You can try all types of encoding and encryption schemes, but to prevent you from wasting time trying countless possibilities, I’ve given you a hint in the name of the vendor: XortecOy. The data is XOR-encrypted. And the key is tecOy. 😉

Open the saved bytes with Cryptool:


And apply XOR-decryption with key tecOy:


Et voilà!


  1. […] Get stuck on the Brucon wifi puzzle?  Didier Stevens to the rescue with a fabulous, and illustrated, run down of one way to solve. [The Brucon Wifi Puzzle] […]

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  2. Great puzzle and challenge. I thought the vendor “xortecoy” sounded suspicious and I immediately tried taking that hex block thats “Not Interpreted” and xor’ing against random strings to guess the key, but didn’t find the answer. I Didn’t think to use “tecoy” in hex as the key. Fun puzzle. Keep them coming!

    Comment by David — Friday 28 August 2009 @ 15:39

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