Didier Stevens

Thursday 6 August 2009

Update: pdf-parser Version 0.3.5

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After PDFiD, it’s pdf-parser’s turn to get updated.

The major change is support for /Names obfuscation through canonicalization. Now that these obfuscation techniques are found in in-the-wild samples, this feature became a necessity. For example, searching for /JavaScript when the PDF document contains /Java#53cript will also retrieve this obfuscated instance.

And if you need to see the obfuscated names like they are, use option –nocanonicalizedoutput

Support for filter ASCII85Decode has been added.

And option –hash displays the MD5 hash value of objects, making it easier to compare 2 PDF documents.


pdf-parser_V0_3_5.zip (https)

MD5: 07EA2C47766ADF248102E378C65D03F3

SHA256: 5EAD0F9BE9693EF836CF67FF2B796324ED5E7053D34BF4FA588D250A7DA2E761

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