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Tuesday 21 July 2009

Quickpost: More Picture-Taking with Python

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Per @TimelessP’s request, here’s so more Python code that can be used for time-lapse photography.

It’s code I wrote to take surveillance pictures from IP-cameras:


You have to update 2 config files with the data of your IP-cameras: vs.config and credentials.config. Fields in the config files are tab-separated.

vs.config contains the IP cameras, example:

Hall.jpg    -

First field is the prefix for the name when saving the picture (suffix is a timestamp). Second field is the URL to access the picture on the IP camera (depends on the model your using). Third field is a fixed name for the picture, use a hyphen (-) if not used.

credentials.config contains the passwords to access the IP-cameras, example:    admin    password


vs_v0_2.zip (https)

MD5: DB806B49705D544F4B928A8F76622125

SHA256: 042FA2CE1F5AEBD433D59B9D4755783E6CE58014FE59086C6A2A8E8781C63B45

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