Didier Stevens

Saturday 6 June 2009

Quickpost: PDF Security Tidbits

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Some PDF Security Tidbits:

  1. I was a guest on the Securabit podcast. Thanks for having me guys!
  2. Eric Filiol has published his PDF Structazer tool he presented at Black Hat Europe 2008
    The tool: http://www.esiea-recherche.eu/data/PDF%20Structazer.exe
    The document (PDF): http://www.esiea-recherche.eu/data/PDF%20Structazer%20Short%20User%20Manual.pdf
  3. And I’ve an article in the latest issue of (IN)SECURE Magazine on how malicious PDFs could infect without getting opened.

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  1. Awesome stuff, Didier! Great work!

    Comment by H. Carvey — Sunday 7 June 2009 @ 12:28

  2. Thanks Harlan! And congratulations with your new book!

    Comment by Didier Stevens — Sunday 7 June 2009 @ 14:32

  3. Great Work! I tried to make a poc with no interaction, but I couldn’t get it. May I get more specific process to exploit it?

    Comment by S.M.Chon — Monday 15 June 2009 @ 8:49

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