Didier Stevens

Sunday 10 August 2008

Sampling a Malicious Site

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Fake CNN alerts galore!

I seize the opportunity to publish a new video (warning: 8 minutes of command-line staring) (hires XviD version here) showing you how to use my tools to retrieve malware samples hosted on a website. If you just visit an infected website with Internet Explorer, you run the risk of infecting your machine. The safe way to retrieve samples is to work in a low-risk environment (e.g. non-root account on a Linux VM) and use tools that are unlikely to be the target of exploits hosted on said website.

The following tools are featured in the video:

The file numbering trick (01., 02., 03., …) allows me to document exactly how I obtained the sample.

Since I recorded the video, the malware seems to have been removed from the site. But be careful, it’s not uncommon that compromised websites get reinfected.

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