Didier Stevens

Thursday 3 July 2008

bpmtk: A New Version With bpmtk.dll Included

Filed under: Hacking,My Software — Didier Stevens @ 8:41

Here is a new version of the Basic Process Manipulation Tool Kit (bpmtk).

Some noteworthy changes:

  • bpmtk.dll has been added
  • for ASCII: and UNICODE:, now you can specify a string with spaces by enclosing it in double quotes (ASCII:”My Name”)
  • write and search-and-write use VirtualProtectEx to change the virtual page protection when a write fails

So now you can also load the bpmtk as a DLL in a process and it will execute its configuration. The configuration is embedded in the DLL as an ASCII string. To change the configuration, you’ve 2 options:

  1. edit the source code and recompile the DLL
  2. binary edit bpmtk.dll and insert your config between the strings #BPMTK_CONFIG_BEGIN\r\n and #BPMTK_CONFIG_END\r\n. Terminate all lines of your config with CRLF

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