Didier Stevens

Tuesday 5 June 2007

OMG, My N800 is Infected!

Filed under: N800,Nonsense — Didier Stevens @ 19:02

I followed a link from a comment spam I had on my blog. Turns out my machine is infected:



This is really disappointing, I didn’t expect my brand new Linux-based Nokia N800 to get infected so soon:



  1. Should be “LinAntivirus2007” :-)))

    The downloader is detected by many AVs as WinFixer:

    Comment by Jirka — Thursday 7 June 2007 @ 17:39

  2. come on buddy, you can’t really be serious. Of course your N800 isn’t infected man, its just those bastards are trying to trick the average computer user suffering from ID10T errors into thinking that they have spyware. Im sure if you opened that website on even an embedded system phone it would report similarly.

    Comment by kamui — Thursday 7 June 2007 @ 18:31

  3. Of course not, look at the category.

    Comment by Didier Stevens — Thursday 7 June 2007 @ 19:42

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