Didier Stevens

Tuesday 8 August 2006

Khallenge: hints for solving level 2

Filed under: Reverse Engineering — Didier Stevens @ 16:57

Some people have asked me for details about Khallenge level 2.

First hint: Have you already unpacked level2.exe? It’s packed with UPX. Take a look at Ryan’s post.

My second hint is ROT13 encrypted:

Ng 00401029, fpnas vf pnyyrq gb ernq gur cnffjbeq lbh glcrq va.
Nsgre gung pnyy, gur cnffjbeq lbh ragrerq vf grfgrq, naq lbh ner
vasbezrq vs vg’f pbeerpg.

Gurer vf na neenl bs fgevat cbvagref fgnegvat ng 00407034, gurl cbvag
gb jbeqf va Svaavfu.
N svefg ybbc jvyy grfg vs n cneg bs gur cnffjbeq lbh ragrerq vf rdhny
gb n Svaavfu jbeq.
N frpbaq ybbc jvyy grfg vs nabgure cneg bs gur cnffjbeq lbh ragrerq vf
rdhny gb n Svaavfu jbeq.
Vs obgu grfgf ner fhpprffshy, lbhe cnffjbeq vf npprcgrq naq gur rznvy
nqqerff vf qvfcynlrq.

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  1. Thanks for the hints!

    I had another look at the challenge and was able to work my way through it. I’ve been looking over level 3 and comparing it to various peoples notes. These challenges were great. Have you ever done any of Ed Skoudis’s hacker challenges? the most recent one was created by Mike Poor. They’re usually good, and there’s usually an autographed copy of one of Ed’s books for the prize. I entered the last one and am still waiting for the winners to be selected.

    Comment by Ryan — Wednesday 9 August 2006 @ 18:03

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